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an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.

Cleopatra was Macedonian. Her ancestors came from Macedonia when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. This was a very important event in world history that you should know aboutEven Zahi Hawass, the foremost Egyptologist in the world and Egyptian himself, says Cleopatra was not Egyptian and he undoubtedly know more about it than you do.

Here are some images of busts of Cleopatra:

And here is an image of some Macedonian ladies doing ethnic Macedonian things in the Balkans, where they are from:

This is The Balkans, it’s in Eastern Europe. The former Macedonia is right there in the center of White People land:

I hope this post has helped cure some of your ignorance about history!

PS I left out the part about how Egyptian temple paintings and carvings were stylized and weren’t meant to actually look like the people portrayed but were more symbolic in nature because i didn’t think you could handle that much truth in one sitting.

they literally could have used ANYONE ELSE as their example and it would have been valid but no they picked Cleopatra

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fanfiction either sounds like this


or like this


there is no in between

Yo, but it depends on who you’re writing too. I mean, Tony Stark would totally be the second one, but a different character like maybe Steve Rogers would totally be the first one and that is why I like writing fanfiction

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